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From the director – Speedway 2.0

Andrew Neru · January 13, 2020 · From the director · 1 comments

I thought it would be a great idea for me to start a blog/vlog so that we can keep you informed on the projects that we have up and coming. To start this off I just want to mention that I am humbled with the feedback we’ve had from our video, The Passion for Speedway. With reaching over 41,000 people and 20,000 views on social media, this proves that we are right on the money with the projects that we want to roll out throughout speedway in New Zealand.

Last year, I made the bold move to leave the security of a full time job to pursue the dream of film and photography. My wife thought I was going crazy, we had just become home owners and welcomed our new born into the world. However, after winning the 2018/19 Best promotional video at the Speedway New Zealand awards (when trading as Gorilla Media) I had a strong sense of feeling that my team and I can make a difference in speedway. Starting a business is not easy, but when you are passionate about what you do and believe in yourself, the only way is success! I am 100% confident that we are going to achieve great things in New Zealand speedway.

I have listed below our key objectives that we want to achieve for 2020. There are more, but we can’t do everything at once. We need to be able to pace ourselves first.


1. Bring in new people to speedway (expose speedway to those who have not been before)

What is it that attracts us to Speedway? Is it the racing, the dirt flying, seeing your favorite driver or is it being able to hang out with the family and enjoy a great night’s entertainment. With our filming and thoroughly effective marketing strategy, we aim to capture all aspects of Speedway and show those who haven’t visited their local track everything that Speedway has to offer.

2. Assisting tracks with funding for upgrades and running costs

The team and I are working on some serious advertising and promotional tools to implement within speedway. With the new initiatives planned, this will be opening up new and untapped revenue streams that some tracks may not have seen or implemented previously. I will elaborate on this at a later date when more of our ducks have aligned.

3. Raising the profile and exposure of speedway

While there is the misconception that speedway is only a sport for a “certain type of person” we want to change that belief and showcase, that just like any sport, speedway is for everyone. We do this by creating relatable content for the audience, for example. Those who are family oriented and enjoy getting out, we focus our video more around the families that come to the track, highlight their experience, the food and the racing they see. With regards to exposure, this is where our new On-demand platform comes into play. We’ve already started marketing our driven by dirt platform throughout New Zealand, Australia and America. We’ve teamed up with some of the best video creators in the world to supply footage for the new platform to enhance the viewing experience. Not only does it give the drivers international coverage, it also puts New Zealand Speedway further on the map.

So there is a fair bit of development underway, some of which that will be released this year, and some in 2021. We also have at least 26 films planned for this year (Excluding race highlights) which we are very excited about. Until the end of February we will also be offering half price promo videos for drivers – If you want a promo video done of you and your car get in touch now! This would be a great way opportunity to showcase yourself as well as your sponsors. If you are a business that sponsors a vehicle(s), then this opportunity applies to you also. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for support those who race!

I would also like to take the time to thank the team at Nelson Speedway for bringing us on board to film for another season. We’re really excited about the projects we have planned. I cannot wait to start rolling out our new opportunities throughout the year. Feel free to contact us via our contact page, or live chat if you would like more information or want to get involved.


Photo Credit: BM Photography

  1. Great Work. We make a conscious decision to support those who support speedway and its drivers. As family support family any way they can.

    Anita · January 13, 2020

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